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11/06/15 08:54 AM #541    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Bo taught us so much

Bo McMichael was a lot of things — all great, I say.

Football player, World War II veteran, family man, teacher, football coach, school board member and community leader.

The man I knew simply as “Bo” died Saturday at age 95.

At the start of the football season, we didn’t hear from Bo when we asked for his football picks for our weekly feature during the season.

It seems that Bo was having some health issues. But a few weeks later, Bo’s family urged us to send him those games, so Bo could make his selections. Even his doctors were asking him why his picks weren’t in the paper this season.

We were thrilled that Bo was back picking games.

A few weeks later, a family member emailed me saying Bo was in the hospital and “was in God’s hands.”

I figure it was probably 30 years or so ago when I first met Bo at a Nacogdoches High School football game, where he ran the clock at varsity games.

Bo’s life was coaching and educating — leading young athletes in the hope of them becoming great men.

After returning from the War, Bo was a player for a Texas College team that lost in the 1942 National Championship game for black colleges. He returned home to become the head coach of E.J. Campbell High School in Nacogdoches.

When NISD schools were integrated in 1971, he became NISD’s athletic director for the junior high school and later at the high school. In 1984, he was inducted into the Texas High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

I knew Bo as the Dragons’ biggest fan, a school board member and a great friend, someone who also always shot me a dose of encouragement.

I attended a school board meeting once when I caught wind that the board could possibly let go of a head football coach.

I sat through the meeting, pen and paper ready, only to find that my source had led me to a meeting of budget concerns and other administrative details.

The football program wasn’t mentioned, much less the head coach being dismissed.

Bo was laughing so hard, he was crying.

“Hoss, your horse is still running,” he said.

I wrote a story on Bo about 10 years or so back. I told Bo of the project, and he showed up dressed in a suit for the photo.

He told me about his life, being a football player, a coach, a veteran, a community man — the whole works.

Here was a man who has a junior high school named after him — McMichael Middle School. In his early days, he was drafted into the first African-American outfit to serve in WWII.

The list goes on and on.

I told Bo something to the effect that he sure had done a lot great things for Nacogdoches.

Tears filling his eyes, Bo said “Nacogdoches sure has been awfully good to me.”

From playing and coaching to serving in the military to being an icon in the community, Bo McMichael has “Been Magnificent.”

Nacogdoches will miss you Bo. You taught us so much.

11/07/15 08:49 PM #542    


Warner Dale Rector

Jan,,,Thats is a very nice tribute to Coach or "  Bo' is you wrote..He was the one of the finest teacher I remember from NHS...You see, I only went to NHS my senior year 1974..  Coach Mc lived juist a few houses around the corner from me. I lived on Price Street in front of the school.. I could see my homeroom class winow on the second floor from my kitchen window...One afternoon I decided to talk a walk around the block and there was Coach Mc sitting on the front porch of his house. I stop just say to say hello and wsatb and talked for maybe 45 minutes..  Here again, He was a very much an open book.. He will be greatly missed. 95, WoW,,What a Man, What a legacy  .Thanks again ,,GREAT JOB as always.  Dale


02/03/16 11:46 AM #543    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

What a great episode of HGTV's Fixer Upper last night!  Featuring our own Jeff Badders' daughter Rachel and her husband.  Jeff and Jackie were even on the last few minutes!

Here are pix and the episode is available online also.



02/15/16 10:16 AM #544    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

I was so delighted to have helped Davy and Mr. Dubose get this into the SFA Film School's hands.

Can't wait for the screening.

02/15/16 10:17 AM #545    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

06/10/16 09:38 AM #546    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

06/16/16 12:59 PM #547    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

06/22/16 11:31 AM #548    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

06/22/16 11:35 AM #549    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

08/15/16 01:11 PM #550    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)


On Aug 26, Coach Alan Johnston will be honored as a Distinguished Alum.  His dad is our former principal Johnny Johnston and he and his wife Mary will be at the game.

Come on out and see the Dragons play Kilgore and say hey to Coach Johnny.

Homecoming is Sept 23!  Hope to see some of you at the game.

01/11/17 09:28 AM #551    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

So sorry to hear that Suzie Peppard's dad passed away.

His obit is posted on our obit page.

Hugs and love to Suzie and Dan and their kids and granddaughter.

01/19/17 09:20 AM #552    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)


04/17/17 10:30 AM #553    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Nac to Nashville

Concert a homecoming for prolific singer-songwriter


It’s been 30 years since Jim Collins picked up his guitar for a show in Nacogdoches. But since leaving his hometown, he’s built quite a reputation for himself.

On Wednesday, Collins will take the stage at Banita Creek Hall for a concert benefiting the Nacogdoches Art Alliance and his first hometown show in three decades. And while the show is enough of a reason to come home again, Collins said something else lured him back to Nacogdoches.

“It’s the people,” he said from Nashville, where he’s lived since 1995. “They could care less that I’d written any hit songs. In their eyes, I’m the same guy who rode the bus with them, and that’s awesome.”

A long road

Although Collins has made trips back to Nacogdoches over the years, he’s worked incessantly in Nashville since his wife spurred him to move there.

Collins grew up on a dairy farm just outside Nacogdoches.

Collins » 3A

Jim Collins, a Nacogdoches native and Nashville-based singer-songwriter, will headline the Nashville Songwriters Night benefit for the Nacogdoches Art Alliance on Wednesday at Banita Creek Hall.

Courtesy photo



» From 1A

He began playing music with high school friends, which led him to work at local venues such as the Party Center in the 1970s, Snoopys and Cotton Eye Joe’s. He began touring Texas as a performer and in the 1990s, settled in Dallas.

But it was in Dallas where he said he felt his career had plateaued, and it was his wife who encouraged him to head to Tennessee.

“Most people band around Nashville for years before anything happens,” Collins said in a distinct Texas drawl of which he’s proud. “The first song I wrote was a hit, and I thought, ‘Wow, this is easy.’” He boasts a number of popular country tunes to his name — “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” “I Don’t Feel Like Loving You Today,” “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven,” and “Hands of a Working Man.”

But there was a time he was nearly ready to give up. Collins has recorded a handful of albums, but he said he struggled with the music-industry politics in the business and getting on the same page with what recording companies wanted him to be.

“I lost my record deal because (the record company and I) couldn’t get on the same page,” he said. “It was heartbreaking.”

He was planning to move back to Texas and get back on the road doing shows when he got a call from Craig Wiseman, a fellow songwriter who was named “Songwriter of the Decade” in 2009 by the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

“I was ready to move home to play honky-tonks in Texas until Craig called and said, ‘You’re a songwriter.’I got serious about song-writing after that.”

Kenny Chesney recording of “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” which reached No. 11 among tracks on the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs, was a game-changer for him, although the tune was written as a joke.

On average, Collins said he writes around 130 songs a year. But he’s slowed down in recent years.

“The music business has changed some,” he said. “I’m writing less, but I think I’m writing better.”

The Show

Collins will bring fellow songwriter Wendell Mobley along with him for the Nashville Songwriters Night at Banita Creek Hall.

“I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to bring someone better than me along,” Collins joked about his fellow performer. “(He’s) the most talented songwriter and musician I’ve ever met.” Mobley played with Jack Green and Alabama, and is credited with writing tunes such as “How Forever Feels” and “There Goes My Life” recorded by Chesney, “Fast Cars and Freedom,” by Rascall Flats, and Alabama’s “We Can’t Love Like This Anymore,” among others. Kenny Rogers, Randy Houser and Joe Diffie have also recorded his songs.

Collins said he’s looking forward to playing his hometown again for a good cause, and he hopes people will take advantage of the opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the music business.

Most people band around Nashville for years before anything happens. The first song I wrote was a hit, and I thought, ‘Wow, this is easy.’”



06/23/17 09:38 AM #554    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)


Journal entry by David Shofner — 19 hours ago

It is Thursday afternoon and the children & I are with Frances. She is resting comfortably and is hanging in there. She has had little pain which, in itself, is a blessing. This update is not as hopeful as the others. Frances system took an extreme jolt from a bacteria called C Diff. It is such a strong bacteria that it has its own antibiotic designated specifically for it. The bacteria is under control but really did some damage to Frances' body. We had to discontinue all meds including her chemo. Hospice services have been ordered. I know that God is in control but this is an extremely hard time for our children and their families. I have to remind myself that we are only passing through here and we are only here for such a short time.

I would ask that each of you pray for a miracle and that in the absence of a miracle to give Frances easy passing to be with our Lord. 

06/24/17 09:29 AM #555    


Jan Lanelle Mooney (Rhodes)

David, I am praying for your family. Your words are so true--we are only passing through this life; but the pain is very real and I am so sorry. My heart hurts for you and your children.

Sincerely, Jan Rhodes

06/26/17 02:45 PM #556    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

June 26, 2017

Journal entry by David Shofner — 3 hours ago

This is the hardest journal entry to write. My wonder wife; Lee, Kate and Sam's mom; Leighton, Everlee and Ben's Yaya; Kathryn & Brendon & Kendall our wonderful children in law; has gone to heaven to be with Jesus.  Frances's faith has become sight. 

We had hoped and prayed so hard that the result would be different, but God had other plans for Frances.  We know that He is sovereign and is in control, so even if we question-He knows what he is doing, and He knows our pain right now and walks with us.

We did pray this morning that she would leave us soon because she seemed to be holding on for some reason we did not understand. Prayer answered.  She left this world with me, Lee, Kate and Sam by her side, and she went peacefully into the arms of her Savior.  

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. We definitely felt that support and those prayers. God and all of you have made this journey much better for each of us, and we will need you to lean on in the journey ahead. 

Thank each of you again.

07/17/17 09:37 AM #557    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Just heard from Shelley Sandoz that her brother Cliff passed away last week.  His funeral was Friday in Louisiana.  Obit is posted on our obit page.

Prayers for Shelley.

08/29/17 11:06 AM #558    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Just to let you know--many of our classmates are in the Houston area.  I have heard from some of them, but not all.

Please message me at so that I can let our class know your needs.

Mike Adams posted on FB yesterday that they have water in their home in League City but are so far okay.

Marty and Marsha are both still in their respective homes, but are seeing water in their houses.  

Jim Burns' widow Vickie is seeing water around her and is cut off, but is okay where she is.

Tony Tillman's wife checked in that they are okay.

From the Class of 75--Jeanna Carnley Macey and her husband and their daughter were evacuated from their home in the wee hours Sat night.  He pastors Royalwood Church and they are there along with about 75 other people.  They are in need of water, food, supplies to anyone who can get to them.  Her daughter's husband is Christian singer Tauren Wells, who was on tour with Lionel Richie and of course is heartsick that he can't get to them.

Brenda Miller's brother Kenneth from class of 76 is one of the many civilians there on his boat helping with rescues.

Please let me know if you have heard from any of our classmates or friends and if they have needs.

Prayers for Houston and the Texas coast and now for the Louisiana coast as Harvey heads that way.

Check in below if you are able to.


09/11/17 01:33 PM #559    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Dorothus “Dottie” Lampkin Mallory

Dorothus “Dottie” Lampkin Mallory, 85, of Nacogdocheswill be at 11 a.m. today at Iron Wheel Baptist Church with the Rev. James A. Ervin officiating. Burial will be in Pinegrove Cemetery. Mrs. Mallory died Tuesday, Sept. 5

2017, in Keller.

She was born Jan. 10, 1932, in Jacksonville.

09/28/17 04:47 PM #560    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

09/14/18 08:55 AM #561    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

09/14/18 08:55 AM #562    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

09/14/18 08:55 AM #563    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

11/02/18 09:13 AM #564    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Fernando posted on FB that his died passed away in Florida.

I have not been able to find obit or service info.

I also heard from David Grimland that his dad passed away and that the service will be 11/10 at FBC Chapel in Nac.

12/03/18 10:59 AM #565    


Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Just received word that Joe's mom Carolyn Ericson had a stroke at his home and passed away on the way to the hospital.


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