In Memory

Ricky Mosby

Ricky Mosby

Died: 8 May 2009
Age at Death: 53
Cause of Death: multiple organ failure
Classmate City: Houston
Classmate State: TX
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: brother, Sonny Mosby and sister, Sherry Mosby, wife Loretta Mosby, father Mabry Mosby

Funeral:  Monday May 11, 2009 -- 2 PM

Rosewood Funeral Home, Humble TX

I was so happy to find Ricky and hear back from him earlier in the year.  He was planning on coming to the reunion.


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05/09/09 06:21 AM #1    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

I just can't believe we have lost another classmate.

Ricky was another in our great 6th grade class. Nick was in that class also, and I didn't know until a few years ago that they were cousins.

Nick asked me to help find him so they could reconnect and through the Internet I was able to do that this year.

I was thrilled a few months ago when Ricky responded to my mailed note with an email. The news that he was coming to Nick's house and then to the reunion was very exciting.

I see now that there was another reason why I found him and he contacted me back.

Rest in peace, Ricky.

05/09/09 11:41 AM #2    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

From Jimmy Collins:

That's so sad. I have a lot of good memories of Ricky. I played in a band with him and Jack Germany before "Odessa". I remember playing a Grand Funk Railroad song at the talent show. Ronnie Peacock had just moved to town. I asked Ronnie to play the talent show with us. Ronnie thought we needed to do a show and not to just stand there. The curtains opened up and Jack ripped his shirt off and fell to his knees and played his guitar with his teeth. Every time we would try to end the song Ricky would break into a drum solo. Mrs. Reid was backstage trying to get us to stop. Finally after Ricky's third drum solo we finally ended the song. It must have lasted 15 minutes. I looked over at Ronnie and he had pulled his organ behind the curtain so no one could see him.
Then there was the time we bought an old school bus to haul our equipment in. We decided we would paint it red, white and blue. We didn't go to a paint and body shop. We used house paint with brushes and rollers. I was laying across the hood of the bus working on it and Ricky sneaked up behind me and painted the bottoms of my bare feet blue. We bought inflatable furniture to sit on inside the bus. It was comfortable but every time we'd turn the corner we'd go flying across the bus.
There are a thousand other stories I could tell. He was a great kid and a great friend.
God rest his soul.

05/13/09 06:09 AM #3    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

From Chip Williams Class of 75:

I was hoping to meet up with Ricky Mosby this summer when I come through Tx, but as you know, fate took that meeting away.

05/16/09 11:38 AM #4    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Here are some more details about Ricky's illness.

Please remember his family during this time.

Ricky went to the hospital over a month ago with a viral infection and it was discovered that the valve replacement he had last fall was not very successful. A couple of days later he started having seizures. They had to keep him sedated -- then his liver, kidneys and one lung failed so he was put on life support. Ricky's passing was not unexpected because he had been on life support for several weeks, was having smaller heart attacks, had lost circulation to his hands and feet. After a massive heart attack, it was time to let him go.

05/16/09 11:59 AM #5    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Ricky replied to my mailed invitation on March 3, 2009.

Who would have thought he would be gone 2 months later.

05/25/09 06:45 PM #6    

Karen Jeanne Cloudy (Benton)

I remember Ricky's beautiful eyes and sweet smile. He was so nice to everyone. He will truly be missed by all.

Karen Cloudy Benton

07/03/09 10:35 AM #7    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

From Ricky's wife Loretta:

ricky will always be in my heart. love him. all the love letters i have will always be with me. love you ricky till we meet again. love you loretta

07/30/09 07:55 PM #8    

James Allen (Jimmy) Collins Jr

I thought I'd share more memories of Ricky with Loretta. As you know we had a little rock band in junior high and high school. We played a little club in Woden Tx. called the Club Chateau. It was a dive but we didn't care. We were just excited to make $35.00 a night. We practiced in Ricky's garage. We were sure we were going to be big stars. A guy that owned an italian restaurant called Giovanni's Spaghetti House wanted to be our manager but really he just wanted us to play at the spaghetti house on weekends for free. Ricky worked in the kitchen sometimes. We used to get in trouble for having food fights. He loved playing drums. He always had Led Zepplin on his stereo. We used to go to a local Mexican food place with no money. We'd sit and eat free chips till they ran us out. He was a sweet, thoughtful and fun loving guy. But more than that, he was a good friend. I haven't seen him in forty years and I miss him. I feel blessed to have had those times with him. God Bless you and you're family.
Jim Collins

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