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Jimmy Charles Burns

Born: 3 Sep 1955

Died: 18 Oct 2013 Conroe, TX

Suffered a stroke in 2006 which left him in a wheelchair but still with a strong spirit.

He suffered from cancer the last few years.

Died at Odyssey Hospice in Conroe, TX at 5:30 AM

Memorial Service at West Conroe Baptist Church

Monday Oct. 21, 2013 at 3 PM

JIm's wife Vickey said that he was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the church rose garden.

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10/18/13 10:22 PM #15    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Karen Bush Jim was such a good guy. He will be missed. Prayers for his family.

10/18/13 10:23 PM #16    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

DeeAnn Thompson Gillam Sorry to hear.

10/18/13 10:23 PM #17    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Carol Bunch Gone way too soon. Rest in peace, Jim.

10/21/13 09:57 AM #18    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

A celebration of Jim's life will be today at West Conroe Baptist Church at 3 PM.  The address is 1855 Longmire Rd. Conroe, TX  77304.

I have sent a single yellow rose from our class.

A Dragon you'll always be, Buddy.

10/22/13 11:37 AM #19    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

10/22/13 11:38 AM #20    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Transition by Jimmy Burns
Scoop winter ashes from ash can,
deposit remains into single wheel
     red wheelbarrow,
dump into dormant flower beds,
steel fingers of {multiple tine
     rake} mix soil
          & cinders,
blend mulch as a rite of fertility,
ashes among ashes
    ashes to earth,
pray for a harvest of blooms
     in warmth of spring.


10/22/13 11:39 AM #21    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Estate Sale
Mom and Dad both gone…
sort their possessions
for disposal
dozens of colorful ceramic ash trays
a reminder of a time when most smoked
smoky interiors
my wife finds a girdle with garters
stretches the cumbersome undergarment
mutters a mock praise for panty hose
of folded matchbooks
never used
illustrates a contradiction
hundreds of ratchet wrenches
accompanied by varying sizes of sockets
they must have had much to fix
photographs of grandchildren
never seen before
masses of missing screwdrivers
hidden by
stalking Alzheimer’s
cotton bandages to conceal
malignant purple skin cancers
jars filled to capacity
with washers, nuts & bolts
to piece their lives together
and all came apart anyway
all packed away
to be sold
to strangers
© 2006 Jimmy Burns


10/22/13 11:40 AM #22    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)



Harsh light subdivides color
rainbows fry, then mix-
the sun bursts blatantly awkward,
a new spectrum expands the universe,
an artist steps back and observes-
(what he sees is a paradox)
nothing is what is viewed,
confused brushstrokes plunk bold thuds;
madness; hues run together; meld;
images collide, contorts symmetry,
solids liquefy into canvass of waves
sound of thunder distorts to sight,
transmogrifies light into fluid motion
stereotypical clichés congeal contritely
paint dries, conglomeration of shapes
the eyes blind with bemused interpretation,
absolutes dissolve, fracture rips realism
as the beholder discovers truth.

© 2005 Jimmy Burns


10/22/13 11:47 AM #23    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)


Traffic clogs our Farm to Market Road
a car door opens
a border collie puppy emerges
the door behind it slams
(rubber squeals against
August asphalt).
The dog wanders to the gate
soon to be adopted by our two sons
perhaps it is a refugee
from New Orleans
because it fails to comprehend English
but responds readily
to commands uttered
in French.
© 2006 Jimmy Burns


08/03/14 09:39 PM #24    

Debra Jan Dobbs (Barton)

Going thru my old school scrapbooks--here is Jim's signature from my 2nd grade list at Nettie Marshall.

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