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Standalone player

Remember 1969??



From The Dragon Echo, Jan. 23, 1973

Photos Courtesy Susan Wakefield Burchett NHS 75

Recognize anyone or any cars????

Class of 74 and 75 Party in the Old Days

Top Row: Lisa Steed, Susan Wakefield, Duncan Ashworth,

Tim Engelking, Johnny Mack Armstrong, Mary Ann Faulkner

Bottom Row: Rodney Dean, Bucky Alexander, Maggie Abernethy,

Jerry Simmons, and Vickie Levich

Winter Getaway Feb 28, 2009


Look who we saw at the Nac vs Pine Tree Basketball Play-off game in Tyler on Feb 24!

Coach Alan Johnston (coach of REL and Johnny's son) and Coach Bo McMichael--still rooting for the Dragons!


What's the Freshmen Battle Cry???





Remember When?

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Happy Halloween!