Casino Night




The Class of 74 travels to THE BOATS in Shreveport a few times each year.

Shawn and Wayne G are our gracious hosts.

Casino Weekend 2008

From Shawn Laird Burns:

Hey everyone! 

Well, I have been doing some checking on the Casino Night and I have some info for everyone.  I wasn't really sure which one was the fav, so I chose Eldorado and Sams Town, because they were right together.  Eldorado has the best room rates.  Tomorrow I am supposed to talk to another woman, but, as of today the best rate I could get was $150.00.  The lady I talked to today said she could not promise they would be together, the lady tomorrow may be able to.  At any rate, the rooms will be 150 whether I do a block or we each do individually.  So far I was told of 12 definite yes' and 2 probably's.

There are some others I don't know.  I was going to block 15-20  Just need to hear from a few more of us out there.  I really felt like Fernando, Steve J., Don K.  and several others were going to come.  I don't know if I have everyone's email and so I need you guys to get out there and round up the rest for me.  Dan? Judy? Merry Ann? Rodney?   oh and so many more????   Nick I know you and Lester can round up some that I don't have.   Let me hear from all of you soon.  This is going to be a lot of fun and who knows someone might hit the jack pot.  Ericka is dying to be there especially since she has become an honorary member of our class.  She is trying to figure out to get in the hold em game.$$$$    okay details below:
Saturday, November 1          Eldorado is the meeting place-exact room tba
Rooms   $150.00    Blocking 20 rooms.    You check in your own room and pay at that time.  If you have a free room somewhere else let me know so I can release the other.
I am planning to have a get together probably around 7:00., but still working on that.  I'll let ya know, but that way we will know who all made it. 
Some one shuffle and lets see what we come up with.  Gosh, I hope Ericka's not planning to like guide me around on a Little Rascal or something!
Class of 74 Rocks!!  Whats the latest about homecoming?

Pix from Fall Casino Weekend 2008

Pix from Casino Weekends